Our self-paced course is designed for people who like to learn on their own. This Tuning / Technical course is a mentored course that is designed for people who want to combine the convenience of online assistance, personal support and feedback. Rick and other experienced members of the Piano Technicians Guild will give you the assistance you require.

We will do our best to provide you the foundation skills in Tuning, Regulation, and Repairs necessary to pass the Certification Exams offered by the Piano Technicians Guild. As an RPT, you can competently service the pianos in your community.

The Complete Course in Piano Techonlogy

  • Full Tuition: $1480.
  • Payment Plan: $1600. - 10 payments of $160.
    • Tools are purchased separately from Schaff Piano Supply. Basic tools for the Tuning Course are about $195. Basic tools for the Technical Course begin at about $300.
    • Includes written materials and access to our online video library
    • Phone and email consultations are included in the tuition fee

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Please tell me about the piano you will be using to practice tuning. Is it a grand or vertical piano? About how old is the piano? What condition do you think the piano is in?

Briefly state your interest in enrolling in the school and your goals in learning to tune and service pianos.

The complete course is presented in two segments: Tuning and Technical. Upon successful completion of both segments, you will be awarded a diploma from the Butler School of Piano Technology.

The tuition for each course include the study materials, instructional support, and exams which apply to each course. Tools will be purchased separately from Schaff Piano Supply (or another supply house) for each segment.

By enrolling in the school, you agree to abide by all the standards and policies outlined by The Butler School of Piano Technology.

I further accept and agree that I will not in any way or form, copy, reproduce or share with anyone, any written material, the Video Library or any other form of material provided by and/or received from the Butler School of Piano Technology as operated by Richard James Butler, Jr. and agents and representatives of Richard James Butler, Jr. Use of any materials provided by Butler School of Piano will be limited to your personal use and benefit solely.

I agree to the above terms. I do not agree to the above terms.


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