The Instruction Books

This Course in Piano Tuning and Repair is the foundation you'll need to professionally service both grand and vertical pianos.


The Video Library

The Online Video Library is a very important part of our Course. Here, you'll be able to watch how the information presented in the Instruction Manual is applied.



As a student of the school, you will be able to email or phone us with any questions you may have.


How the Course Works

Students use a study guide (Course Workbook) in place of classroom instruction. Using this resource as a guide, you can measure your progress.


The Lessons

The course has 24 lessons. There are self study questions for each lesson.

  • Lesson One: Making a Good Start
  • Lesson Two: The Other Masters of the Piano
  • Lesson Three: Learning the Keyboard
  • Lesson Four: The Nature of Sound
  • Lesson Five: Introduction to Tuning
  • Lesson Six: The Unison and the Octave
  • Lesson Seven: Fifths and Fourths
  • Lesson Eight: Thirds Sixths Tenths Seventeenths
  • Lesson Nine: The Aural Gauge Tools
  • Lesson Ten: Equal Temperament
  • Lesson Eleven: Tuning below the Temperament
  • Lesson Twelve: Tuning above the Temperament
  • Lesson Thirteen: Tuning Unisons Advanced
  • Lesson Fourteen: The PTG Tuning Exam
  • Lesson Fifteen: Tuning for Customers
  • Lesson Sixteen: Introduction to the Grand Piano
  • Lesson Seventeen: Introduction to the Vertical Piano
  • Lesson Eighteen: Action Geometry
  • Lesson Nineteen: Regulating the Grand Action Model
  • Lesson Twenty: Regulating the Vertical Action Model
  • Leson Twentyone: Repairs
  • Lesson Twentytwo: Glossary


Instruction Manual and Course Workbook

Also, there are movies that correspond to these lessons. You can view them on line. You will recieve a username and password to log on to the 'Butler School Video Library'.



One note Grand Action Model

The Technical Exam for the Guild requires that you assemble and regulate a grand and vertical action model. You can borrow the models from the school for a period of 2 weeks only. You must pay all shipping cost. Or you can purchased these models from the Guild here.

Recommended Tools

Tools are sold separately and can be purchased at a professional discount from Schaff Piano Supply.

List of Recommended Tools to begin the course
These tools cost about $195 plus shipping

  • Craftsmen Tuning lever with head and #2 star tip
  • Tuning lever Tip #1, 2, 3 and 4 star tip
  • Tuning lever Tip Wrench
  • Temperament Strip standard
  • Universal Bass String and Tuning Pin Gauge
  • 4 - Mutes with wire handles
  • 4 - Rubber wedge mutes
  • Papp's Treble Mute
  • Korg Chromatic Tuner CA 40 (purchased locally or from Amazon)

Tools that can be added and purchased as needed

  • Combination Tool Handle
  • Offset Key Spacer for combination handle
  • Slotted Screwdriver for combination handle
  • Screwdriver for combination handle
  • Phillips Screwdriver for combination handle
  • Regulation screwdriver for combination handle
  • Hart Spring tool
  • Grand jack screw regulation
  • Steinway Capstan screw regulator
  • 8” Tweezers
  • Grand shank press
  • Hammer shank miter box
  • Flange bushing broach kit
  • Rigid shaft screw holder
  • Hypo Oiler
  • Alcohol Lamp
  • Alcohol Lamp wicks
  • Center pin case filled with pins
  • 3/8” Key dip block
  • 13/32” Key dip block
  • 7/16” Key dip block
  • Capstan screw wrench, grand and upright
  • Jack screw regulator with handle, grand
  • Drop screw regulator with wooden handle, grand
  • Tuning pin crank
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Repining tool
  • Key easing pliers
  • Factory type wire bending pliers
  • Center pin nippers
  • Gram gauge
  • Digital micrometer
  • Hardened stainless steel rule
  • Suede brush

These tools are the same tools that I have in my tool case, with one exception. The alcohol lamp that I carry is no longer available. However, the alcohol lamp listed above is pretty good.

Three note Vertical Action Model

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