An Interactive Course in Piano Technology

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This course is designed to give you the knowledge and develop the skills that are needed to pass the Certification Exams offered by

the Piano Technicians Guild. Onec enrooled, you'll have access to all course materials within 24 hours or less.

Live Stream Tutoring

If you have access to a good internet connection, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have supervised aural tuning practice sessions right from your home. More information here.

Personal Feedback

Our arrangement for timely personal feedback on written and aural tuning exams is another arrangement that sets our course apart from other schools.

Instructional Video Library

The online video library is a significant part of our course. These videos allow you to watch how the information presented in the instruction manual is applied.

Is piano tuning for you?

Piano Technology is an excellent profession for those who like to work independently. Piano technicians report a high level of job satisfaction, a low-stress level, and a serious commitment to continued personal and professional growth.

Learn Piano Tuning

Learn to Tune Pianos

If you cannot afford, in time or money, to attend a one or two year program at a residential school for piano technology, this school is your best alternative. There isn't another school that I am aware of that provides the kind of personal, timely, and comprehensive instruction that you will receive here.

I cover all phases of aural piano tuning, including the concepts on which equal temperament is founded. This includes advanced tuning features not offered by other schools.

My students can be found in the United States and many countries worldwide, including Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Japan, the UK, New Zealand, and others.

The Butler School of Piano Technology