Tools are sold separately and can be purchased at a professional discount from Schaff Piano Supply.

List of Recommended Tools to begin the course

These tools cost about $195 plus shipping

Craftsmen Tuning lever with head and #2 star tip

Tuning lever Tip #1, 2, 3 and 4 star tip

Tuning lever Tip Wrench

Temperament Strip standard

Universal Bass String and Tuning Pin Gauge

4 - Mutes with wire handles

4 - Rubber wedge mutes

Papp's Treble Mute

Korg Chromatic Tuner CA 40 (purchased locally or from Amazon)

Tools that can be added and purchased as needed

Combination Tool Handle

Offset Key Spacer for combination handle

Slotted Screwdriver for combination handle

Screwdriver for combination handle    

Phillips Screwdriver for combination handle

Regulation screwdriver for combination handle

Hart Spring tool

Grand jack screw regulation

Steinway Capstan screw regulator

8” Tweezers

Grand shank press

Hammer shank miter box

Flange bushing broach kit

Rigid shaft screw holder

Hypo Oiler

Alcohol Lamp

Alcohol Lamp wicks

Center pin case filled with pins

3/8” Key dip block

13/32” Key dip block

7/16” Key dip block

Capstan screw wrench, grand and upright

Jack screw regulator with handle, grand

Drop screw regulator with wooden handle, grand

Tuning pin crank

Needle nose pliers

Repining tool

Key easing pliers

Factory type wire bending pliers

Center pin nippers

Gram gauge

Digital micrometer

Hardened stainless steel rule

Suede brush

    These tools are the same tools that I have in my tool case, with one exception. The alcohol lamp that I carry is no longer available. However, the alcohol lamp listed above is pretty good.

Three note Vertical Action Model

You can order tools from:

Schaff Piano Supply Co.

451 Oakwood Road

Lake Zurich, IL  60047

Phone: (847) 438-7164

Fax: (847) 438-4615