We regularly offer hands on seminars. Here is a discription of the seminars:

  • 5 day hands on seminar in Regulation and Voicing using new Steinway Grand Pianos. These seminars are limited to three people. Each student will have their own piano to work on. You must be qualified to participate in this project.
  • 2 day seminar in preparing a New Steinway Grand for performance. This is not a 'hands on' class. You will observe Rick as he works with a new Steinway, regulating the action and tone for optimum response and voice. There are no specific qualification needed to participate in this class
  • 3 day seminar in Vertical Regulation. This is a hands on class limited to three people. Again, each student will have a new vertical piano to regulate and tune. These are critical skills to have when working on pianos in the field.
  • Tuning Exam Prep. This is a one day class limited to one person. Basically, you can come to the studio and take a mock exam under Rick's observation. You must have completed our course to qualifiy for this class. Usually, we have the PTG Tuning Exam scheduled for the next day. You must be an Associate Member of PTG to take the class and take the exam.

PTG International Convention in St Louis MO
At the upcoming PTG International Convention in St Louis, Rick will be teaching two classes. One on tuning and the other on bending grand damper wires. The tuning class 'About Aural Tuning', is a two period class. The damper class is limited to 30 people. You must bring your own tools and will be provided a damper model to work with during the class. So, it is a hands on seminar and there is no extra charge for this class.

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