The Butler School of Piano Technology

Exam Prep Seminar

When you’re ready to take your certification exams to become an RPT - Registered Piano Technician - you are welcome to come to our studio to take your exams. Of course, the written test must be completed before you can take the technical and tuning exams. We typically administer the tuning exam on Saturdays and the technical exam on Sundays.

The Exam Prep Seminar is on Wednesday through Friday immediately prior to the exam days. We’ll review all the necessary requirements and administer mock exams to ensure that you’re familiar with the process and can confidently pass the exams.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the exam piano, so there are no surprises on exam day.

Course Description

This is a full week of individual hands-on training in the art of Grand Damper installation and regulation. I will tailor our time together based on your experience and individual needs. This class is limited to two people, you and me. This allows me to provide the personalized, hands-on training that you desire.

Accommodations and Meals
There are several hotels and B&Bs in the area. I will pick you up and bring you back to your room each day. We will provide a nice breakfast and lunch.
The cost of accommodations will vary.
I will pick you up from the airport, train, or bus stations and take you back after the class.

Seminar Cost only
$450.00 (This seminar is only for students of the Butler School of Piano Technology)
The cost of the exams must be paid directly to the Piano Technicians Guild before scheduling this seminar.
Please get in touch with me directly to schedule your class.
The class will run from Wednesday through Friday, with the exams on Saturday and Sunday.