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Grand Regulation and Voicing Seminar

Open to all members of the Piano Technicians Guild

This is a full week of individual hands-on training in the art of regulating and voicing the grand piano. I will tailor our time together based on your experience and individual needs. This class is limited to two people, you and me. This allows me to provide the personalized, hands-on training that you desire.

Students who complete the course receive a Certificate in Basic Grand Action Regulation and Voicing.

Course Description

Understanding Grand Action Geometry
Learn the fundamentals of action design and how the various action components function and work together.

Action Processing
Learn how to achieve the optimum inertia and movement of the action by assuring uniformity in the bushings, pinning, and alignment of the various parts.

Cast, Travel, and Space hammers
Gain valuable insights into hammer alignment and how to fit the hammers to the strings for optimal power and tone.

Action Regulation
Complete action regulation.
Learn how to achieve the optimum level of responsiveness and performance throughout the scale.

Learn the basic skills of building tone and voicing for evenness.

Accommodations and Meals
There are several hotels and B&Bs in the area. I will pick you up and bring you back to your room each day. We will provide a nice breakfast and lunch.
The cost of accommodations will vary.
I will pick you up from the airport, train, or bus stations and take you back at week's end.

Please get in touch with me directly to schedule your class.
The class will run from Monday through Friday.